Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, thanksomuch for commenting on my previous entry. I love you all!

Anyway! I had a haircut and treatment at Ricky Reyes Salon last Friday~  
(Not in the picture)
And and, the one who cut my hair is a guy. I think that he's a guy and not GAY 'cause of the way he looks. And the way he speaks.
I personally find him cute though.
What's funny is that, right after I realize that he's cute, I can't help but smile. Haha. I'm like insane, trying to hide it so that no one could notice. My heart skips a beat.
I kept looking on the mirror to see him. Haha. I even pretend that I'm texting somebody just to look away. I just can't stop glancing! Especially he's the one cutting my hair. And everytime he touches it, I'm having goose bumbs. AHAHA. I'm so weird~ Maybe I'm just "kinikilig" ;))))
Whatcha think?

But since I'm not wearing my eyeglasses then, poor me. I can't even see his face clear whenever he sits near. Gaaaaah. What a poor eyesight. x_x
And so I have my reasons now to have a haircut and treatment there every month. So that I could see him most probably. Bwahahaha. >:)

So yeah, I ended up having a crush on him.

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