Saturday, October 16, 2010
I am so much filled with God's GRACE today!
Aaaah~ Waking up in the morning with free doubts, stress aside. ^_^
Thank You Daddy God for another chance of living. 
Excited for MORE big and small blessings to come! 
Didn't get to blog too much now..

But things are going well~
Getting better everyday. 


@ 10:26 PM
Enjoying life =)
Friday, August 27, 2010

Awrayt! I think it's time for me to update, right?

And for some reasons, I felt like sharing my joy to everyone. It's overpowering me that's why. 

Okaaay =)
Well, I just wanna tell you that I'm very happy with my life!hahaha. Ü

I will be sharing a Bible Verse~
Joshua 1:9 - "This is my command: Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh, thanksomuch for commenting on my previous entry. I love you all!

Anyway! I had a haircut and treatment at Ricky Reyes Salon last Friday~  
(Not in the picture)
And and, the one who cut my hair is a guy. I think that he's a guy and not GAY 'cause of the way he looks. And the way he speaks.
I personally find him cute though.
What's funny is that, right after I realize that he's cute, I can't help but smile. Haha. I'm like insane, trying to hide it so that no one could notice. My heart skips a beat.
I kept looking on the mirror to see him. Haha. I even pretend that I'm texting somebody just to look away. I just can't stop glancing! Especially he's the one cutting my hair. And everytime he touches it, I'm having goose bumbs. AHAHA. I'm so weird~ Maybe I'm just "kinikilig" ;))))
Whatcha think?

But since I'm not wearing my eyeglasses then, poor me. I can't even see his face clear whenever he sits near. Gaaaaah. What a poor eyesight. x_x
And so I have my reasons now to have a haircut and treatment there every month. So that I could see him most probably. Bwahahaha. >:)

So yeah, I ended up having a crush on him.

@ 10:20 AM
I'm tiiiired!
Thursday, June 10, 2010
S u p!

I feel really stressed right now. And when I say really, I mean it. Really.
Maybe I'm still not used in waking up at 5Am in the morning and staying until 5PM in school~ I actually wanna sleep the moment I reached home and forget about stuffs in school. Waaaaah.
And you know what, it seems like our section gets the most attention from the teachers and therefore, it's a lot of pressure on our part. (Which is so true) What I mean is that, being the first section and all.. They always expect SO much from us, like because we're the cream of the crop so we should be role models to other students. For three consecutive years, they were always talking about that. Well, I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. I'm just so tired hearing about those things from them.

Phew! I won't post a long entry for now~ I'm so sleeeeeepy. I wanna go to bed early. No class tomorrow until Monday~! Luuucky.

@ 9:45 PM
Wednesday, June 2, 2010
H e y!

I'm back blogging! I've decided to make a new one, *again 'cause I wasn't able to manage my previous blog~

And and, my e-mail address there is the old one and I forgot the password na. ;PP

So yeah, relink me please.

Uhh, I missed blogging much! The entries, tags, comments&all of you people! I missed you all.
And, I put a comment box again.. Wish you could drop some words though. ;)

Weeeeel, hope I could make this blog active from now on. But of course, I need support from you guys. Lotsalove!


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